Managed Accounts

Kelly Intelligence can offer separate accounts based off of Strategic Indexes.

Kelly’s SMAs offer more customization in investment strategy, approach and management style.

A notable benefit of separate accounts involves tax gain/loss harvesting, which is a technique for minimizing capital gains tax liability through the selective realization of gains and losses in your separate account portfolio.

  • What: Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) are portfolios managed by a professional investment firm on the behalf of clients. Although similar to an ETF or mutual fund, SMAs allow for more customization and the clients directly own all of the securities.
  • Benefits: SMAs offer more control over your investments because the portfolio’s asset allocation is tailored for you. Unlike other pooled investments like mutual funds, the performance of the SMA is not impacted by the strategy of others. SMAs can also offer potential tax benefits by helping to reduce your capital gains liability.
  • Why: SMAs are customizable, professionally managed, and offer flexibility, transparency, diversification, as well as tax efficiency.

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